Work is charged at an hourly rate of £120/hour (until 30 March 2019). This is subject to a minimum time of 20 mins (£40). There is no visit fee during office hours (8.30am – 5pm, Mon-Fri). Outside of these times, we provide an emergency service which incurs a surcharge of £25. There are no other charges, such as visit fees, examination fees, injection fees etc; you only pay for our time on farm. Telephone advice is not charged for: if there is a lot to discuss the vet will arrange a suitable appointment to cover the topic. Time is charged from “wellies on to wellies off”. The length of time is agreed before the vet leaves the farm and a worksheet with this detail, along with clinical work performed and any drugs used, is issued. “Social” time is not booked (i.e. talking about rugby over a coffee!). To date, we have had no quibbles about time billed since all queries are sorted out at the end of every visit, giving you an opportunity to roughly estimate your bill before it arrives in the post.


Our medicine prices are fixed from January to December. Market fluctuations and comparison to several internet sites allow us to competitively price medicines in January each year and occasionally alter prices to reflect this. Various deals that arise throughout the year will appear in our newsletter and will be available to all farmers.


Payment is required within 21 days (we have to pay our medicine suppliers by 14 days). No further work will be undertaken for any client who has not paid their bill on time. We are very strict on this point as we are working to a tight margin to keep the cost down. It does little to help you if we let you have credit anyway. To avoid embarrassing confrontations, please send the cheque in plenty of time to reach us before the 21 days expire! BACS payment is also encouraged and details are on the bottom of every invoice.


In order to minimise administration costs to us there is one rate for all clients. There are no limited discount systems or special deals available. We do not allow credit – payment is due within 21 days of invoice, which comes monthly. This allows us to keep the cost down to yourselves and helps you to keep pace with your own financial situation. We aim to have most farms on pre-arranged routine visits, and to spread the other work through the day. Emergencies will, of course, always take priority. We use a satellite tracking system to keep you up-to-date with when the vet is due to arrive on farm, minimising your waiting times, and maximising our ability to plan a working day efficiently. Individual calls should not take as long as previously: if you are paying by the hour, it is cheaper if you are organised, which will help us to avoid unnecessary delay. With plenty of dedicated farm animal vets available, there is always cover for emergencies. We aim to have a vet near the office throughout the day to return phone calls, answer queries and deal with the mountains of paperwork generated. If you prefer, leave a message at reception and one of the vets will phone you back as soon as possible that day.

Out of Hours Emergency Calls

At nights and weekends, phone calls to the practice will be diverted directly to the vet on call. This allows you to receive immediate advice and allows us to assess and prioritise emergency calls, without you having to communicate through a receptionist. If the vet on call is unable to answer, your call will be diverted to another vet and answered.

TB Testing

We deal directly with APHA to deliver TB testing services. If you would like Meadows Farm Vets to carry out your TB test, please contact us on 01527 869060 to arrange your test to be transferred to our worklist. Meadows Farm Vets has always been committed to providing a farm only service and will continue to do TB testing under the new regime.